The Metal goddess of Persia

For the last hundred years, in the Middle East, the overthrowing of national figures, like Mosadegh in 1953, who had worked for the prosperity of the nation, resulted in destitute generations asylum-seeking abroad for finding hope to live by.

However, art and music never have been suffocated during the last centuries.

My immigration from Iran is rooted in the same cause. My vision is to express bitter facts about the region in the form of music. I have chosen music to convey my message to the world because there is a sort of music such as Thrash Metal whose audience expects to be treated by concepts that scrutinize historical and political circumstances of the real world.

I am indeed one of the few female singers who stands out from the crowd by utilizing Thrash Metal for protesting against dictatorship in the Middle East.

I intend to cooperate with global bands to compose music about the pain and oppression indicated in my poems describing the grief of young people living in the region. This can bring confidence to the young generation as the main audience of the metal genre of music to study facts about their true national history, not the distorted one.


You can see my interview with the BBC in this section.

The women of Iran’s underground metal scene

Iran might seem an unlikely hotbed of heavy metal music, especially as western pop has been officially banned there since the Islamic revolution of 1979. Yet despite the risk of floggings and long jail terms, the genre continues to thrive in secret underground venues.

Some of the biggest names in the country’s heavy metal scene are women, despite the fact that they’re forbidden from singing publicly, except in choirs or female-only company. A new short film entitled Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran highlights the danger they face.

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