About Haniye

A Singing and Voice Coach based in London. My current client base ranges from Professional Singers, Signed Artists, Singer-Songwriters, West End and Touring Performers as well as Students and Industry beginners, right the way through to Public Speakers, Influencers, Actors, Lawyers and Business Personnel.

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Persian Vocabulary and Instrumental Row Learning by Sedigh, Ali Jahandar and Parviz Khazdooz
Learning western styles and methods such as blues, rock and metal under the supervision of Chris Keller and Mara Linesko
Tehran Symphony Orchestra Soloist in Ashura Opera, Composed by Behzad Abdi and Naser Heidarian’s leadership
Concert in Delhi, India Invited by UNESCO in Iranian Genuine Music
Concert in Konya Turkey with Bijan Kamkar
Release of Kent & Kenza album by composer Mesbah Qamasari in Progressive Rock genre Year 2
“Black Is the Night” Release in collaboration with American Band “Amplified” featuring Orod Anzabi Pour and Ehsan Birghadar in Rock Genre.
Collaboration with:

  • Farhad Herati (Newage)
  • Milad derakhshani (Pop Blues)
  • Ardavan Anzabi Pour (Rock)

Specialist in films such as: The Plant, the Future, etc. with Nasser Cheshm Azar, Karen Homayounfar, Ehsan Birghdar, Farzin Gharezloo in the Newage and Neoclassical genres
Specialized film debut course with Changiz Jalilvand and working with animation and film duo groups
Video Training Package for Singers, Actors, and Voice Players, in Release in Collaboration with the Choreographer Music Collection
Holding vocational training workshops in different cities of the country and educational institutions
Partnering with the only specialized sound health clinic (vocology) as a lecturer and researcher in methods such as:

  • Zen of scream
  • Singing success
  • Freedom zone
  • Set your voice free
  • Ken templin

Our Story

My work as a singer with 10 years experience shows me the demands and challenges that singers face today. I want my clients to have access to customizable, personalised vocal coaching whenever and wherever possible.

My goal? I want each of my clients to get the most out of their voices! Exercises individually tailored to singers and keynote speakers help to strengthen the voice and expand the vocal range from the lowest to the highest note – without any breaks or sudden changes in vocal quality.

My ongoing, supported research enables me to educate my clients on the anatomy of the voice through training, allowing them to create an extensive toolbox of sounds safely whilst addressing any underlying issues; most commonly vocal fatigue/loss, ‘breaks’ in the voice, tension, loss/reduction of range, breath control, projection…

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”


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Behind The Scenes

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